Axact:  The noose tightened


SHAFAQNA PAKISTAN (Shia News Agency)-axact

Axact CEO Shoiab Sheikh has been arrested after a scam unveiled by New York Times. Now the investigations have proved that Axact essentially ran an online empire, with great global reach, that issued fake diplomas and degrees ranging from the bachelors to the doctoral level. The government has widened the scope of investigation worldwide. It is but natural to get to bottom of the matter. He stated that media has united against this company which is a healthy sign. The inquiry will be expanded to foreign lands. But the apologetic role of some of the Journalists and anchors is highly objectionable. They should stop their silliness and rhetoric. They have all failed to discover facts about this company. The Axact reality is one of fabrication and impersonation in un-monitored cyberspace by hundreds of Axact employees under the command of Axact CEO Shoaib Shaikh, who enabled them to con thousands of individuals worldwide. The yield from this scam runs into billions. And Pakistan is now at the centre-stage of a global scale corporate cyber-crime. Axact Company CEO – the Mastermind of this scam – is in denial and is not cooperating with FIA, though lately he appeared before the FIA and recording his statement. Axact Company is running its entire business empire on stay orders. None of the govt agency has been able to make the headway due to courts’ orders. The screws are being tightened against this evil empire.