A call for De-Weaponization



SHAFAQNA PAKISTAN (Shia News Agency)-Kar

Sindh Chief Minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah has taken the much needed policy decision to cancel about 0.6 million arms licences of those who failed to get their licenses verified. The cutoff date was 19th May and it is expected that it would not be extended to facilitate some high ups. Since 2009, different quarters have been calling for the de-weaponization of Karachi but ironically the ones who call for de-weaponization are the same ones who wear weapons as traditional ‘jewelry for men’.  In 2011 The ‘Deweaponisation of Pakistan Bill of 2011’, filed as private members’ bill, calls for banning the production, proliferation, smuggling, import and use of firearms and ammunition and explosives “to restore public order in the country”. In November 2012 the upper House of Pakistan’s Assembly, Senate, adopted with majority a resolution seeking steps to deweaponize Karachi. However despite the adoption of the bill, no change in the situation was observed. Infact the bill was never implemented in true letter and spirit. Anyhow while appreciating the decision of Syed Qaim Ali Shah, one should  urge him to implement the decision of cancellation of unverified licenses and at the same time issue orders for their recovery. At the same time one should also urge other Provinces and administration of the Federal Capital to follow the example of Sindh and cleanse their areas of jurisdiction from all sorts of illegal weapons. It would be easier to do so in the background of ongoing operation Zarb-e-Azb and the National Action Plan.