‘Britishers cunningly destroyed our education system’, says PM Khan


ISLAMABAD: Shedding light on the glorious past of Muslims in the field of education, Prime Minister Imran Khan said, “Britishers cunningly destroyed our education system.”

He was addressing a prize distribution ceremony of seminary students in Islamabad on Wednesday.

The premier said the government has planned to synchronize the entire education system to create social harmony in the country. “Reforms are being introduced in the education system, which will help uplift the lower strata of the society with the provision of equal opportunities to progress.”

The prime minister lamented that three education systems are being run in the country which leads to injustices and divisions in the society. He said a uniform curriculum is being designed so that all graduates have equal opportunities to grow in their practical life.

PM Khan assured that the graduates of the new education system will have an understanding of religion, contemporary knowledge and science and technology.

Underlining the importance of education, PM Khan said Islam has laid special emphasis on education. He said Muslims are weak today mainly due to lack of education. “Islam grilled into minds that without education, a society can not progress. For 700 years, all top scientists were Muslims,” he recalled.

The British rulers intentionally put an end to the Muslims’ system of education, PM Khan said.