How fear of PAF has taken over heads and minds of Indian Air Force?


Shafaqna Pakistan:

Chief of Air Staff, Air Chief Marshal Rakesh Kumar Singh Bhadauria, on Friday, for the first time, officially admitted that an Indian Air Force missile had shot down its own Mi-17 helicopter in Kashmir on February 27, calling it a “big mistake.”

Earlier media reports that the IAF ‘s air defence missile had shot down an Mi-17 helicopter in Budgam in the Kashmir Valley minutes after Pakistan Air Force fighter aircraft had entered Indian air space on February 27 were mostly based on state sources.

The incident had resulted in the death of seven people, including six IAF personnel on board and a civilian on the ground.

“This was a mistake, a big mistake. We admit that,” said Air Chief Bhadauria about the incident. He said that the court of inquiry on the incident has recently been completed. “The helicopter was hit by our own missile. This has been established,” said the Air Chief.