Saudia fails to learn from allies


SHAFAQNA PAKISTAN (Shia News Agency)-Damama

Another attack on a Shiite mosque after a week interval in Dammam has fuelled the fears of an organised campaign by Islamic State to foment sectarian tensions inside the conservative Sunni kingdom. Saudi Arabia has declared ISIS to be a terrorist organization. When the Saudi branch of ISIS was formed in November, ISIS leader Abu Omar al-Baghdadi declared war on the country. He did not refer to it as Saudi Arabia, since this is a name derived from the ruling tribe, the al-Saud, whose authority ISIS does not accept. Though Saudia has declared ISIS a terrorist organization  yet that does not absolve Saudi Arabia of its share of responsibility in the attacks; while it does not directly control ISIS, it certainly created the circumstances which lead to its formation, just as it has now created circumstances which will inevitably lead to further attacks on the Shia Community. It is a lesson that the Kingdom’s other allies – the United States and Pakistan – are all too familiar with; using irrational doctrines to convince individuals to carry out irrational attacks leaves very little room for rational ideas such as diplomacy, political hierarchy and loyalty. And the Kingdom, which has been one of the greatest sponsors of Wahabi school of thought worldwide, amongst other much nefarious dogmas, lies in the epicentre of this phenomenon. It is observed that one reaps the same he sows. Saudia backed the same militants against Bashar al Assad in Syria and they are posing the threat to Saudia itself. Unfortunately Saudia failed to learn from Pakistan and US’s experience.