No leap in NAP


SHAFAQNA PAKISTAN (Shia News Agency)-nap

A high level meeting comprising civilian and military leadership has expressed dissatisfaction with the process of the implementation of NAP. While the end of differences between the Prime Minister and Interior Minister is welcome, one wonders if there really is a will to regain the momentum lost soon after the formulation of NAP.  Civilian and military establishments come together from time to time to review the progress of the various counterterrorism operations in the country. Yet, the shortcomings of NAP have still not been identified and rectified by the government. Leadership should  areas in which implementation was found particularly unsatisfactory: foreign funding of seminaries and terrorist groups; proscribed organisations and sectarian groups; hate speech; and madressah reforms.Taken together, those areas amount to the very foundations of the terrorist and extremist complex. It is also a fact that the PML-N government is unwilling to implement the provisions in the NAP requiring the regulation of the seminaries and their funding. The government has retreated on stopping the proscribed groups from re-emerging as charitable entities or simply under new names.

The swift and efficient implementation of NAP is particularly crucial as the military operations wind down. Pakistan’s intelligence agencies have proved themselves to be as capable as any in the world. However, they will need to work together and share information with each other, the civilian government and the military establishment to ensure the effectiveness of NAP.