PM Imran warns of massive uprising in IOK


Shafaqna Paakistan:Prime Minister Imran Khan has reiterated that Narendra Modi’s move to revoke Indian Occupied Kashmir’s (IOK) special autonomy was his “last card” and the decision would never be accepted by Kashmiris.

“I have faith in Allah that whatever [Indian prime minister] Modi is doing to the people of Kashmir – his last card – will end soon. The people of Kashmir have and will never accept such measures,” the PM said in his address to participants of a Kashmir solidarity event held in Islamabad on Friday.

The event featured the formation of a human chain on Constitution Avenue in which the prime minister and other senior government officials also participated.

PM Imran reiterated Pakistan’s unwavering support for Kashmiris and said no efforts would be spared in the fight to save them from India’s brutalities.

“We have gathered to give a message to the Kashmiri people that Pakistan stands with them and will always be with them. Pakistan will continue to fight for the people of Kashmir. Our women, our elderly, our children – everyone will fight for the rights of Kashmiris,” he said.

He regretted that the world media was giving headline coverage to Hong Kong protests but was ignoring human rights violations in IOK.

“Eight million people have been under curfew for over two months now but the international media has failed to properly highlight the dire situation in IOK,” said PM Imran.

“We are using every platform to highlight the cause of Kashmir. We will continue to inform world leaders about the developing situation in the disputed valley.”

The premier added, “It is sad to see that everyone is focused on money. Money, it seems, is more important than humanity for many countries.”

“Some 100,000 Kashmiris have been killed over the past 30 years. People including women, children, the elderly and the sick have been besieged in the valley but no importance is being given to their plight. The UN has pledged to free Kashmir but the situation right now is for all to see,” said PM Imran.