Solidarity with Kashmir: PM Imran says Modi is riding a tiger


Shafaqna Pakistan: Prime Minister Imran Khan on Friday said   India has deployed  900,000 troops in Occupied Kahsmir to terrorise 8 million of the Muslim majority region.

“You Don’t need 900k troops to fight terrorism; you need them to terrorise 8m Kashmiri people,” he said in a tweet as nation expressed solidarity with Kashmiris.

“Modi is riding a tiger – he thought he could get his agenda of annexation by using 900k forces to silence Kashmiris,” said  he.

The prime minister wore a black armband to express solidarity with people of Occupied Kashmir.

He tied the band on his right arm as a gesture of solidarity with eight million Kashmiris, who are being denied basic human rights including access to food, medical and communication facilities.

On the prime minister’s directive, the government officials and people from different walks of life, wore the similar black armbands to highlight the continued Indian atrocities in IOJK.