Nawaz’s health again precarious


Shafaqna Pakistan: : Former prime minister Nawaz Sharif’s health is stated to be precarious with sudden drop in platelets to an extremely low level.

The platelets transfusion increased Nawaz Sharif’s count up to 29,000 on Wednesday morning which, however, gradually dropped to 6,000.

On the advice of doctors, the former prime minister has once again been injected with platelet units. A team of specialists of all relevant disciplines included in a special medical board is monitoring the condition of Nawaz. Besides, specialists of other disciplines have also been called, including a cardiologist and two haematologists from the Punjab Institute of Cardiology and one doctor each from Karachi and Islamabad to assist the medical board.

According to a board member, the platelet count of Nawaz Sharif was fluctuating in an irregular manner. “Our team of doctors has already injected five mega units and the sixth is being prepared,” he told the media, adding the medication to improve platelets has also been started. However, it is learnt that the cause of sudden and considerable decrease in platelet count despite transfusion of platelets is being diagnosed. Prof Dr Mahmood Ayyaz, principal SIMS, SHL and head of special medical board, said that Nawaz Sharif’s condition is well. “Any news of bleeding from any part of the patient’s body is false,” he made it clear. He said Nawaz’s Hepatitis B & C tests were also negative. The special medical board will hold a detailed examination of Nawaz on Thursday (today).

The Punjab Health Minister, Dr Yasmin Rashid, inquired after Nawaz on Wednesday and conveyed good wishes to him on behalf of Prime Minister Imran Khan and Chief Minister Usman Buzdar, who also prayed for his early recovery. According to her, Nawaz expressed satisfaction over the standard of treatment being provided to him. She said that Nawaz’s condition is good but the diagnosis, to identify the cause of dropping of platelets, is being conducted. “The treatment will be given as soon as reports of diagnostic tests are received,” she said, adding at the moment, platelets lowering and blood thinning medicines, such as Loprin, have been stopped.

Dr Yasmin Rashid said the doctors had advised Nawaz not to shave and use toothbrush to prevent any bleeding due to external elements. To a question, she said she is not averse to the idea of sending Nawaz abroad for treatment, but it all depends on the decision of courts.

Earlier, a meeting of the special medical board constituted for examination and treatment of Nawaz Sharif was held at the Services Institute of Medical Sciences under the chair of Dr Yasmin Rashid. Secretary Specialized Healthcare and Medical Education Momin Agha, Special Secretary Mian Shakeel, Principal SIMS Prof Dr Mahmood Ayaz, Vice Chancellor King Edward Medical University Prof Dr Khalid Masood Gondal, Vice Chancellor Fatima Jinnah Medical University Prof Dr Amir Zaman, Dr Fatima and Dr Adnan Khan, personal physician of Nawaz Sharif, were present on this occasion.

The minister reviewed details regarding the treatment of Nawaz Sharif. Prof Dr Mahmood Ayaz briefed Dr Yasmeen Rashid regarding medicines, food and medical facilities being provided to Nawaz Sharif in hospital. Dr Adnan expressed satisfaction over the treatment facilities being provided to Nawaz. Dr Yasmeen said the medical board, comprising best doctors, has been examining Nawaz and he is being looked after in the best possible manner in the hospital. She said giving any news about Nawaz without verification should be avoided.

Meanwhile, Dr Adnan, in a series of tweets on Wednesday, said Nawaz Sharif has significant atherosclerotic disease burden including significant Coronary Artery Disease and critical Carotid Artery Disease along with co-morbidities; DM, HTN & CKD. He’s incarcerated since December 24, 2018. He said Nawaz is on medications advised, recommended, endorsed & approved by various medical boards constituted by the Punjab government including that of SIMS, AIMC, PIC & RIC from time to time. He said Nawaz is denied home food & is served meals cooked at the Kot Lakhpat Jail as per recommendations of a nutritionist of the Punjab government. Similarly, day-to-day clinical monitoring and management responsibilities are with government, prison authorities and their medical team.

He said information shared from unauthentic and unauthorized sources is contrary to facts and doesn’t portray the true picture. “I would request all concerned to please refrain. Nawaz Sharif requires in-hospital comprehensive investigations and aggressive treatment,” he said.