US diplomat in Pakistan to revive Afghan peace talks


Shafaqna Pakistan:This is the second visit by the US special envoy for Afghanistan to Pakistan in less than a month. Zalmay Khalilzad, the chief US negotiator in Afghan peace talks, visited Islamabad to discuss the stalled peace process.

The US and Taliban were almost close to striking a peace deal, but President Trump pulled out of the peace process last month, citing the militant group’s continued attacks against American forces. Efforts, however, are being made to revive the talks.

The US top diplomat met Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan and sought his help in restarting the process.

Khan, according to an official statement, urged the two sides to refrain from violence and assured the visiting US diplomat of Pakistan’s all-out support.

The US is struggling to put an end to the 18-year-long war in Afghanistan.

Independent observers believe that the US has already lost the war but now wants some face saving under the pretext of peace deal with the Taliban.

Experts are skeptical that the ongoing efforts will lead to a peaceful solution to the Afghan war. What has complicated the situation is Taliban’s unwillingness to agree on a ceasefire and talk to the Afghan government.