Don’t share any social connection with Nawaz Sharif: Chaudhry Nisar


Shafaqna Pakistan: Former Interior Minister and PML-N leader, Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan debunked the reason of his not paying visit to Nawaz at hospital.

Addressing to the media at Rawat, Nisar said, there is no motivation to visit Nawaz in the medical clinic as I don’t impart any social connection to him.

Individuals who are supporting this “dharna” are similar individuals who were against the past ones. Apart from this, Imran Khan loses moral legitimization to rebuke the “Maulan’s dharna”

All kinds of such sit ins are harmful to the country in a 360 approach, I vowed this in 2014 and I am saying it again.

It is to remember; Nisar and Sharif family shares cold relation since 2017. Notably, he contested the 2018 general elections as an independent candidate. Didn’t prevail in the upper house, however, was chosen in the lower house, yet at the same time he has not made the vow at Punjab Assembly.

Once in a public gathering in 2018; he said, “Nawaz was not eligible to head the party in the 90s, but we made him the party leader”

Also, he mentioned that he is the person who carried the burden of Nawaz Sharif for 34 years.

In 2018, he likewise stated in an event, that if he would open his mouth Sharif family won’t have the option to face the public ever.