Israel bombs Gaza despite earlier ceasefire deal, Palestinians urge retaliation


Shafaqna Pakistan:Israel has launched airstrikes on the Gaza Strip despite agreeing to an earlier ceasefire, arousing popular calls for continued Palestinian retaliatory strikes in response to the onslaught.

The Israeli military announced early on Friday that it had launched airstrikes targeting positions affiliated to the Palestinian Islamic Jihad resistance group.

Gaza’s Health Ministry reported that two injured citizens were being treated following the strike.

The strikes threaten to unravel a fragile ceasefire which put an end to two days of fighting after Israel assassinated a senior Islamic Jihad commander in Gaza on Tuesday.

As a result of ensuing fighting, at least 34 Palestinians, including eight children and three women, were killed while another 110 were also injured.

Various Palestinian resistance groups, notably Islamic Jihad, responded by firing reportedly more than 400 rockets into Israel, paralyzing Tel Aviv and other vast parts of the country, leading to the closure of business and roads.

On Wednesday, Hamas officials warned that it would join Islamic Jihad in repelling Israeli aggression if Tel Aviv failed to submit to a ceasefire.

“If airstrikes and aggression continue, Hamas and the resistance groups will have to morally respond to and protect the Palestinian people,” an unnamed Hamas official told the US-based Fox News channel.

Hours later on Thursday morning, Islamic Jihad announced that Israel had accepted its proposed ceasefire conditions, agreeing to halt targeted assassinations and attacks on Palestinian protesters in the Gaza strip in talks mediated by Egypt.