Rare photos of world history?


Trotsky and Frida Kahlo meeting up. Frida Kahlo later made a self-portrait dedicated to Leon Trotsky.

A member of the 10th battalion of the Australian army plays with his battalion kangaroo in Egypt.

The smallest and tallest soldiers in the German army in the early parts of WWII.

Ironclads firing on Fort Moultrie during the American Civil War on Sept. 8, 1863.

French soldiers with their battle-torn flag after years of fighting.

A Soviet citizen in Leningrad putting up propaganda posters during the great patriotic war (WWII).

A German and a British citizen with ancestors who fought in WWI and were part of the Christmas Truce shake hands 100 years later in 2014.

Jewish prisoners after being liberated from a death train in 1945.

Russian soldiers in Scotland on parade, August 6, 1917.

Star Trek fans with the original Star Trek crew.

Woman posing with dead relatives.

Anti-aircraft Hawk missiles at the beach in Key West during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Hitler sitting down for a meal with Josef Goebbels and other Nazis officials.

The brain of the Russian poet Vladimir Mayakovsky who committed suicide in his Moscow apartment on the 14th of April, 1930. The brain of Vladimir Mayakovsky was unusually large, according to the doctors.

Statue of Liberty under construction, 1883.

Che Guevara in North Korea.

A British army officer with two drag queens after WWI.

A photo of Franz Reichelt falling to his death after jumping off the Eiffel Tower in order to test his parachute, 1912.

Nicholas II with his family. The children were still eating when the photo was taken.

Barricades of the socialist revolutionaries in the Paris commune, 1870s.

Anti-aircraft firing at Germans at Leningrad during the siege.

Islamist revolutionaries burn the American flag during the 1979 Iranian revolution.

My grandfather in uniform, 1950s. This is probably one of the rarest photos in the world since there is only one copy.

On August the 1st, 1944, the Polish people rose up against the hated German occupiers in what would become the largest resistance uprising in the history of the Second World War. Prompted by allied propaganda and eager to secure the freedom of their nation from the advancing Soviets, the Poles of Warsaw rose against the German Nazis after 5 years of brutal occupation and mass executions. After 63 days of intense fighting, over 200,000 Polish civilians and 15,000 resistance fighters would lie dead, with tens of thousands being murdered in mass executions by the SS. Abandoned by their allies and left to the meat grinder by the nearby Soviets, the Poles of Warsaw were hounded in the streets, strafed from the air, and poisoned in the sewers of their city. After the uprising was quashed, the Germans proceeded to level every standing building in the city. By the end of the war, the “Paris of the East”, was 85% leveled and more destroyed than the city of Nagasaki.

The graphic and powerful photos and videos that were taken during the uprising have recently been colorized, and now are a testament to the true brutality and horrors of war. The smiles and anguished faces of the combatants connects us intimately with the past, and allows us to understand the tragedy of Warsaw and the Polish people throughout the Uprising.

Polish Resistance Fighters stand among the ruins of Warsaw

The Polish troops were a ragtag group, dressing in both Polish and captured German uniforms, and using a wide range of weaponry

Polish fighters taking a rest in between action

Polish soldiers lead away a captured German

Polish troops search a captured German

A captured SS man held at gun point by Polish AK soldiers

Two Polish Comrades

AK soldiers with a female comrade

Polish Ak soldier stands watch

Elated AK soldier poses with weaponry

AK soldier smiling to the Camera

Polish woman at target practice

AK soldiers on the march

Young Polish soldier

Another young AK soldier

Polish soldiers in the trenches

A child-nurse, one of thousands of heroic girls who cared for the wounded during the fighting

AK soldiers resting

Polish girl sitting before a grave

Polish AK soldier fires from a concealed position

Polish AK soldiers in combat

Polish troops in combat

German bombing reduces Warsaw to rubble

A city in ruins

A German officer and Russian SS auxiliaries plan an attack on the Polish insurgents

The bombing kills and displaces thousands of civilians

Polish AK soldier shoots out of window

Poles capture a German armored vehicle

Poles during combat

Wounded Polish AK soldier

AK soldier holds a fallen Polish child

Fallen German soldiers

Polish AK soldiers sneak up a stairway

Among the Polish soldiers were many brave children who smuggled messenges through enemy lines and threw Molotov cocktails at German tanks

Polish AK troops use a flamethrower

Polish AK soldier dressed in German uniform aims his rifle

Germans bombing the city

Man running through a burning Warsaw

Polish AK soldiers in the ruins of Warsaw

Polish soldiers used the sewers to escape from one part of the city to the other. The journeys were horrible, and many died in the darkness. This unfortunate Pole surfaced behind German lines, where he was captured and executed minutes later. The Germans murdered all captured Polish resistance fighters with no quarter

German soldiers

German soldiers march through ruins of Warsaw

Germans stealthy advance through the ruins

German soldier in action

German soldier aims his weapon

German with flamethrower

German with flamethrower

German tanks advance to assault Polish AK positions

German Karl Mortars devastate Warsaw

Traumatized Polish civilians

Civilian bombing victim

The main victim of the Warsaw Uprising were helpless civilians. SS troops were ordered to show no mercy to Polish women, children and the elderly. Almost 200,000 Polish civilians met their deaths during the 63 days of combat.

German troops in Warsaw

German troops search Polish troops of the Soviet Army, who were sent to the help the insurgents. In reality, Stalin sent these Poles to their deaths, and failed to support their offensive.

Polish AK troops surrender after 63 days of horrible fighting

German troops demolish every building of Warsaw after the Polish defeat

Ruins of Warsaw


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