Tania Aidrus quits google executive job to lead Digital Pakistan


Prime Minister Imran Khan Inaugurated a new Digital Pakistan project to digitize government infrastructures in Pakistan. The project promises paperless and efficient environment including services for citizens and businesses for better delivery.

The government has also hired a senior ex-Google employee, Tania Aidrus, to head the digitization campaign. Tania Aidrus has resigned from her previous position as Director, Product, Payments for Next Billion Users at Google. Prior to that, she was the Country Manager for South Asia Emerging Markets at Google.

A person I knew told the prime minister about me and he forwarded an email to his reform team to contact me,” she said. “Over the next course of months, I was in contact with Mr Jahangir Tareen and members of the federal cabinet. I even met the president before I met Prime Minister Imran and discussed the project,” she said.

“I spent 20 years outside Pakistan,” she said. “I went abroad with a very strong message about Pakistan. People say that I am politically connected to some people. That is not the case, I don’t have a relationship with anyone in the government. My objective is simple — I just want Pakistan to succeed,” she added.

“Just like you need the road infrastructure in a country, Pakistan needs a digital infrastructure,” she said. “To advance in the tech world, we need to have a digital infrastructure in place.”

And the internet is excited for the project: The netizens were also welcoming Tania Aidrus: There were tweets throughout explaining how the process is going to benefit people: