Hazrat Fatimah Al-Zahra (SA) – Leader of Women of Paradise



The only daughter of the Holy Prophet of Islam (PBUH)
The Mother of the Leaders of Youth of Paradise: (Imam Hassan (A.S.) and Imam Hussain (A.S.)

Name : Fatimah
Title : Az-Zahra
Kunyat : Umm-ul-A’imma
Born : Friday 20th of Jamadi-ul-Akhar in Mecca
Father’s Name : Holy Prophet Muhammad Ibn-e-Abdulla (PBUH)
Mother’s Name : Khadija bint-e-Khuwailid
Martyred : 13th Jamadi-ul-Awwal or 3rd Jamadi-ul-Akhir 11Hijrah in Medina at the age of 18
Buried : The cemetery of Jannatul Baqi or in the Masjid-un-Nabi at Medina

Hadrat Fatimah Zahra’s (SA) other names:

Az-Zahra: She was named by Allah (SWT), as Az-Zahra because her Holy Light used to shine among those brighter in all The Heavens.

Batool: Because of her absolute Purity attained from Paradise from The Heavens. And also because, The Lady Fatimah Al-Zahra, not like all the other women in the world, she had been blessed of not having the monthly menstrual period. This purity of hers was created by Allah (SWT) with the Purity of the Heavenly food and water her Holy Father(PBUH)  had received, when he was alone on the mountain top indulging himself in prayer in the worship of God, for forty days and nights.

Siddiqah The Honest, The Righteous
Al-Mubarakah The Blessed One
Al-Tahirah The Virtuous, The Pure
Al-Zakiyah The Chaste, The Unblemished
Al-Radhiatul Mardhiah She who is gratified and who shall be satisfied
Al-Muhaddathah A person other than a Prophet, that the angel’s speak too
Al-Zahirah The Luminous

Hazrat Fatimah (SA) in the Holy Quran

Allah (SWT) is the light of the heavens and the earth; a likeness of God’s light is as a niche in which is a lamp, the lamp is in a glass …. [ 25 : 35 ]

Ibn al Maghazli al Shafi’i has related that the niche means Hazrat Fatimah ( A.S. ), the lamp means Hassan ( A.S.) and Hussain ( A.S.) …..

Give the kinsman his due …. [ 17 : 26 ]

The Marriage

One day when the Prophet ( S.A.W. ) came out and joined his companions his face was beaming with joy. Abd al Rahman ibn Awf inquired as to the cause of his joy and the Prophet ( S.A.W ) said :

I have received good tidings from my Lord about my brother and the son of my uncle, that Allah (SWT) has given my daughter Fatima, Peace be Upon Her and her progeny, in marriage to Ali (AS).

Sawaiq Al Muhriqah page 103

The Prophet (PBUH) said : O’ Fatima ! Are you not pleased with this, that Allah (SWT), the Mighty and Glorious, cast a glance on the dwellers of the earth and selected from them two men, one of them your father and the other your husband ?

Mustadrak Al Hakim Volume 3 page 129 ( admits it to be genuine )

Kanz al Ummal Volume 6 page 153

Ibn Abu Hatam has recorded a report from Anas, who says that Umar and Abu Bakr came to the Prophet (S.A.W. ) and each of them requested to give him the hand of Fatimah (SA). But the Prophet (S.A.W.) kept silent and gave no answer. Then both of them went to Ali (A.S.) and told him that they had asked for the hand of Fatimah (SA), but the Prophet (S.A.W.) gave no answer. They requested Ali (A.S.) to ask for the hand of Fatimah (SA).

Many eminent traditionists have copied this report from Ibn Hatam. Ibn Hajar Asqalani (Hadith Scientist) has recorded in the opening part of Chapter 11 of Sawaiq al Muhriqah.

Kanz al Ummal Volume 6 page 153

The Prophet (S.A.W.) gave Abu Bakr some money and asked him to accompany Salman and Bilal to buy some house hold necessities for Fatimas house. The Prophet said to Abu Bakr :

Buy some appropriate household necessities for my daughter with this money.

Abu Bakr said :

He (PBUH) gave me sixty three ( 63 ) dirhams, so we went to the market and bought the following

a leather mat
a Khaibairion cloak
jugs and jars for water
a thin curtain made of wool
a veil costing 4 ( foour ) dirhams
a bed embellished with ribbon
a mat from Hajar
a special copper container used for dye stuff
a water skin

The Leader of all Women in Paradise

Like her Holy Infallible Father(S.A.W.), she possessed all the intellectual abilities and achievements. Many verses of The Holy Koran were revealed in her praise and about her spiritual credits. The Holy Prophet of Islam(S.A.W.) had given her several honorable titles among which one is:

The Holy Prophet, her Father(S.A.W.), loved her very much Whenever she would go to the house of her father The Holy Prophet(S.A.W.) would stand up out of respect to her. Whenever he greeted her, and he would honour her by giving her a special place to seat herself in his house. Very often Her Father(S.A.W.) would softly kiss her hands and say, “Allah, The Most High; is pleased when Fatimah (SA) is pleased. God is angered; whenever Fatimah is angered!”

The Fatimah Al-Zahra (SA) Pleads Her Case

After all else failing, the holy Lady Fatimah Al-Zahra (SA), in her desperation and frustration, causes a great controversy among all the Muslims. By personally going to her Father’s Mosque of Al-Madinah, after prayers had ended, to publicly expose and demand the immeadiate return of her rightful inheritance from Abu Bakr and his supporters, who had ordered it confiscated.

The Fatimah Al-Zahra(A.S.) had now exhaused all possible avenues in her pursuit to reclaim her rightful inheritance to the Fadak, given to her by her Father The Holy Prophet Mohammad Al-Mustafa(S.A.W.). But sadly her pleas fell on deaf ears. For this reason, and on the grounds of proving that she has been oppressed by those who professed righteousness under false pretences of faith and piety. At a very last resort the holy Lady Fatimah Al-Zahra(A.S.), daringly went to her Father’s Mosque, to face her adversaries and delivered to them the most eloquent of words in her defense, which left the assembly speechless. She chose to proceed to the Mosque at a time when it was crammed with people, in order that her words reached the ears of all the people, who were somewhat accessories after the fact due to their silent approval of the events that occurred after the Holy Prophet’s demise.

She addressed the assembly in a speech that was both harmonious and systematic. It was an impeccable speech in that it contained no minced words, and was free of equivocation, distortion and slander. Lady Fatimah Al-Zahra(A.S.) used the occasion to firstly acquaint the people with Allah, The Most Exalted, and to disclose the merits of the Islamic religion and to clarify the cause and effect of the Islamic Laws. With this introduction she succeeded in securing the full attention of the assembly and created an appropriate atmosphere in which she could deliver her final statement which contained the underlying intentions and reasons that forced her to leave her house and proceed to the Mosque. And the reasons which warranted her leaving her house were, of course, the misappropriation by the so-called then self appointed caliph Abu Bakr of: The Fadak which was legally hers.

Hadhrat Fatima’s Protest

Hadrat Fatima (A.S.) felt grieved by Abu Bakr’s actions, and was so displeased with him that when she knew of his attempt to seize Fadak, she accompanied a group of women to the Masjid-un-Nabi in the holy city of Medina. There she sat down and delivered the following speech:

Hadhrat Fatima’s Historical Speech

Praise be to Allah for that which He bestowed (upon us); And thanks be to Him for all that which He inspired; and commended in His Name for that which He Provided: Form prevalent favors which He created, And abundant benefactions which He offered and perfect grants which He presented; (such benefactions) that their number is much too plentiful to compute; Bounties too vast to measure; Their limit was too distant to realize; He recommended to them (His creatures) to gain more (of His benefaction) by being grateful for their continuity; He ordained Himself praiseworthy by giving generously to His creatures; I bear witness that there is no God but Allah Who is One without partner, a statement which sincere devotion is made to be its interpretation; hearts guarantee its continuation, and illuminated in the minds is its sensibility.

He Who can not be perceived with vision; neither be described with tongues; nor can imagination surround His state. He originated things but not from anything that existed before them, and created them without examples to follow. Rather, He created them with His might and dispersed them according to His will; not for a need did He create them; nor for a benefit (for Him) did He shape them, But to establish His wisdom, Bring attention to His obedience, manifest His might, lead His creatures to humbly venerate Him, and to exalt His decrees. He then made the reward for His obedience, And punishment for his disobedience, so as to protect His creatures from His Wrath and amass them into His Paradise.

I too bear witness that my Father, Muhammad(S.A.W.), is His Slave and Messenger, Whom He chose prior to sending him, named him before sending him; when creatures were still concealed in that which was transcendental, guarded from that which was appalling and associated with the termination and nonexistence. For Allah the Exalted knew that which was to follow, comprehended that which will come to pass, And realized the place of every event. Allah has sent him (Muhammad) (S.A.W.) as perfection for His commands, a resolution to accomplish His rule, and an implementation of the decrees of His Mercy. So he found the nations to vary in their faiths; Obsessed by their fires, Worshipping their idols, And denying Allah despite their knowledge of Him. Therefore, Allah illuminated their darkness with my Father, Muhammad, (S.A.W.) uncovered obscurity from their hearts, and cleared the clouds from their insights. He revealed guidance among the people; So he delivered them from being led astray, led them away from misguidance, guided them to the proper religion, and called them to the straight path

Allah then chose to recall him back in mercy, love and preference. So, Muhammad (S.A.W.) is in comfort from the burden of this world, he is surrounded with devoted angels, the satisfaction of the Merciful Lord, and the nearness of the powerful King. So may the praise of Allah be upon my Father, His Prophet, Trusted one, the chosen one from among His creatures, and His sincere friend, and may peace and blessings of Allah be upon him.

Hadrat Fatima(A.S.) then turned to the crowd and said:

Surely you are Allah’s slaves at His command Prohibition; You are the bearers of His religion and revelation; You are Allah’s trusted ones with yourselves; and His messengers to the nations. Amongst you does He have righteous authority; A covenant He brought unto you, and an heir He left to guard you; That is The eloquent book of Allah; The truthful Quran; The brilliant light; The shining beam; Its insights are indisputable; Its secrets are revealed; Its indications are manifest; and its followers are blessed by it. (The Quran) leads its adherents to goodwill; and Hearing it leads to salvation; with it are the bright divine authorities achieved, His manifest determination acquired, His prohibited decrees avoided; His manifest evidence recognized, His satisfying proofs made apparent, His permissions granted, and His laws written.

So Allah made belief to be purification for you from polytheism. He made: Prayer – An exaltation for you from conceit. Alms – A purification for the soul and a (cause of) growth in subsistence. Fasting – An implantation of devotion. Pilgrimage – A construction of religion. Justice – A harmony of the hearts; Obeying us (Ahlul-Bayt) Management of the nation. Our leadership (Ahlul-Bayt). Safeguard from disunity. Jihad (struggle) – A strengthening of Islam. Patience – A helping course for deserving (divine) reward. Ordering goodness (Amr Bi Maruf) Public welfare. Kindness to the parents – A safeguard from wrath. Maintaining close relations with one’s kin-A cause for a longer life and multiplying the number of descendants. Retaliation (Qesas) -For sparing blood (souls). Fulfillment of vows – subjecting oneself to mercy. Completion of weights and measures – A cause for preventing the neglect of others’ rights. Forbiddance of drinking wine – An exaltation from atrocity. Avoiding slander – A veil from curse. Abandoning theft-a reason for deserving chastity. Allah has also prohibited polytheism so that one can devote himself to His Lordship.

Therefore; Fear Allah as He should be feared, and die not except in a state of Islam; Obey Allah in that which He has commanded you to do and that which He has forbidden, for surely those truly fear among His servants, who have knowledge.

‘Her Prayer’

One day the Holy Lady Fatimah Al-Zahra(A.S.) was shown by her Father The Holy Prophet(S.A.W.) a very special kind of Prayer. That he himself was shown earlier by The Trusted Archangel Jibrael(A.S.).

This special After-Prayer is to be said after each time, any Prayer of Worship is concluded.

The Holy Lady(A.S) in turn began to teach the short Prayer to so many others. That in the very short time, it became to be known as the ‘Prayer of Fatimah Al-Zahra(as)’.

The Time Of Fatimah’s Martyrdom And The Spot Of Her Grave

It is reported that Fatimah died on the 13th Jamadi-al-Awwal orthird of Jumada ‘l-Akhir in the eleventh year of the hijrah. She survived the Holy Prophet(S.A.W.) by only ninety-five days.

The Commander of the Faithful Imam Ali(A.S.) himself took charge of her washing. It is reported that Asma’ daughter of `Umays assisted him in washing her. Asma’ related: “Fatimah(A.S.) had stated in her will that no one should wash her corpse except ‘Ali(A.S.) and I. Thus we washed her together, and the Commander of the Faithful prayed over her along with Hasan(A.S.) and Husayn(A.S.), `Amman ibn Yasir, Miqdad, `Aqil, az-Zubayr, Abu Dharr, Salman, Buraydah and a few men of Banu Hashim. They prayed over her in the night, and in accordance with her own will ‘Ali the Commander of the Faithful buried her in secret.”

There is much disagreement among traditionists as to the exact spot of her grave. Our own traditionists have asserted that she was buried in the Baqi `. Others said that she was buried in her own chamber, and that when the Umayyad rulers enlarged the Mosque of Medina, her grave came to be in the sanctuary. Still others argued that she was buried between the grave and pulpit of the Prophet. It is to this that the Holy Prophet(S.A.W.) alluded in his saying: “There is between my grave and pulpit a garden of the gardens of Paradise.” The first view is unlikely, while the two other views are nearer to the truth. Thus, those who wish to apply the principle of caution (ihtiyat) when performing ziyarah, or pilgrimage, to her grave, should do so in all three places.

A Quiet Funeral

In the darkness of the jet-black night, when eyes were asleep and voices were silent, a Heavenly procession left Imam Ali’s house while carrying the Messenger of Allah’s daughter to her final abode. This was on the night of the third of Jamadi Al-Thani (the second), 11 A.H

The heartbreaking procession moved towards an unknown location followed by a small number of devoted ones… They were Ali(A.S.), Hasan(A.S.), Hussain(A.S.), Zainab(A.S.) and Umm Kulthum(A.S.)… Abu Dhar, Ammar, Miqdad, and Salman were following them.

Where are the thousands who inhabited Medina?! One asks, and the answer came: Fatima (A.S.) requested that they may not be present at her funeral! The family and their friends hurry to bury Fatima… then they rush back to their own homes so that no one would know where Fatima was buried!

In such a matter, the first start from Ahlul-Bayt set after the sun (the Prophet) and left everyone with the only light of Imamate! Here I was asked: “What do you think about the end of the life of Fatima(A.S.)? What will be the position of those who oppresses her in the hereafter!?” I waved my hand to him… So long… with no word…dead silence…So long! But wait..can’t you hear the Commander of the faithful…the known hero…Ali…Don’t you realize that he is crying? Yet, who would not cry for being separated from the Mistress of women? Listen to him, he is speaking to the Prophet(S.A.W.):

“O Prophet of Allah, peace be upon you from me and from your daughter who has come to you and who has hastened to meet you. O Prophet of Allah (S.A.W.)! My patience about your chosen (daughter) has been exhauted and my power of endurance has weakened, except that I have ground for consolation in having endured the great hardship and heart-rending event of your seperation. I laid you down in your grave while your last breath had passed (when your head) between my neck and chest. ‘Verily we are Allah’s and verily unto Him shall we return.’ (2:56)

Now the trust has been returned and what had been given has been taken back. My grief knows no bounds, and my nights will remain sleepless till Allah chooses for me the house in which you are now residing. Certainly your daughter would apprise you of the joining together of your Ummah (people) for oppressing her. You ask her in detail and get all the news about the position. This happened when a long time had not elapsed and your remembrance had not disappeared. My salam be on you both, the salam of a grief stricken not of a disgusted or a hateful person; for if I go away, it is not because I am weary (of you); and if I stay, it is not due to lack of belief in what Allah has promised the endurers.”

Failing Attempts

At sunrise people gathered to participate in Hadrat Fatima’s funeral, but they were informed that the darling of Allah’s Messenger (S.A.W.) had been secretly buried during the night. Meanwhile, Ali (A.S.) made the shapes of four fresh graves in Baqi’ so as to conceal the location where Fatima was buried.

When the people entered the graveyard, they were confused as to which spot was actually Lady Fatima Zahra’s grave; the people turned towards each other and with feeling of guilt said:

“Our Prophet (S.A.W.) has not left behind but one daughter, yet she has died and was buried without our participation in the funeral or the prayer rituals. We do not even realize the place where she has been buried!”

Noticing that a revolt might be ignited because of the emotional atmosphere that event created, the governing party announced:

“Select a group of Muslim women and ask them to dig these graves so that we may find Fatima(A.S.) and perform prayers on her.

” Yes! They attempted to execute the plan, violating Hadrat Fatima’s will and causing Imam Ali’s (A.S.) attempts to hide the grave to lay veinly. Have they forgotten Ali’s sharp sword and his well-known courage! Did they really think that Imam Ali(A.S.) would remain indifferent to their outrageous actions up to the point of letting them dig Fatima’s grave?!

Imam Ali (A.S.) did not fight back after the Holy Prophet’s (S.A.W.) demise because he considered the Muslim’s unity and overall interests. Yet, this did not mean that he would ignore their villainous crimes against Hadrat Fatima(A.S.) even after her death.

In other words,Imam Ali(A.S.) was asked by the Holy Prophet (S.A.W.) to have patience, but only to a certain extent; when Imam Ali(A.S.) recieved the news of the about to be executed plot, he put on his fighting gear and rushed towards Baqi’.

A man from among the people called out:

“This is Ali Ibn Abu Talib(A.S.) leveling his sword and saying:

‘If anyone moves even a more stone from these graves, I shall strike even the “back of the last follower of the unjust.’

People who realized Imam Ali’s seriousness, took his threats with complete belief that he would do just as he said if anyone were to appose him. Yet, a man from the governing ones addressed Imam Ali (A.S.) by saying:

“What is the matter, Abu Al-Hasan?! By Allah, we shall dig her grave out and perform prayers on her.”Imam Ali (A.S.) then grabbed the man by his clothes, shook him and threw him to the ground and said:

“Son of the Sawada! I have abandoned my right to prevent people from forsaking their faith, but as regards Fatima’s grave, by Him in whose hand is my soul, if you and your followers attempt to do anything to it, I will irrigate the ground with your blood!”

At this, Abu Bakr said:

“Abu Al-Hassan, I ask you by the right of Allah’s Messenger, and by Him Who is above the Throne: leave him alone and we will not do anything which you would not approve of…” Thus, until this day, the location of Hadrat Fatima Zahra’s grave remains a secret

Sayings of Hadrat Fatima Zahra(A.S.)

  1. Praise and eulogy is for Allah for the blessing and bounties which He has bestowed. And thanks to HIM upon what He revealed (to His servants) And Praise is for HIM upon the common boons and blessings which He bestowed upon His servants without their request And upon the comprehensive and complete blessings which He granted to all and sundry and gave it to us, consequetively. Those graces and favours which are uncountable.

And are irredeemable and uncompensatable due to their plentifulness of number. And the imagination of their end is out of the reach of human mind.

He invited the servant to thankfuness for the sake of the consequetive and continous enhanecment of blessings. And opened the door of euloqy and Praise (of Allah) upon them so that He may make his favours and beneficiences great and plentiful for them.

2. I testify that there is no Diety (Lord) except the sole and matchless Allah. And the testification of the singleness of Allah is a word that Allah has declared sincerity (as) it’s reality, and made the hearts the centre of it’s contact and union. And has made the specifications and research of the oneness of Allah’s station obvious and evident in the light of meditation. The Allah Who can not be seen by the eyes and tongues are unable and baffled to describe His virtues and attributes. And the intelligence and apprehension of man is helpless and destitude from the imagination of his howness.

3. Allah made all the beings without previous matter and sample and shape and pattern. And made them wear the dress of life by His main and mights and created them according to His Devine will and Intention short of it that He might have neeeded their creatlon or have wished any benefit for Himself from their shaping and sketching except this that he wanted to give a proof of Hls wisdom and make the people (creations) aware about His obedience and submisslon and invited them to his servitude and worship and make His Invitation grand and ostentatlous.

4. Allah fixed the reward for His obedience and torment for His insubordination and disobedience so that He may restraln His servants from His wrath and fury and lead them to His paradise.

5. And I testify that my father Mohammad (S.A.W.) is the apostle and the servant of Allah. And Allah selected and chose him before appolnting him at the post of Prophethood. And He named him before choosing and selecting him. And chose him before envoying and delegating him. Then all the creations were hidden and covered in the covers of unseen and were hidden amid the screen and curtain of fear and fright and stayed near the last and final border of non entity (nothingness) for Allah was aware of and knew the end of matters and because of Hls encompassing the incidents of times and ages and His knowledge of the predestinates.

Allah appolnted him (as apostle) so that he may complete and finalise His matter and Implement His order and materialise His decreeds and predestinates.

6. Allah saw nations and groups had various different sects in their religion and scattered and staying on the verge of the fires of differences, busy with the their idol worshipping. They denied God with all the signs and symbols of HIM. (IRFAN) So Allah illuminated the darknesses through my father Mohammad (S.A.W.) and removed the darknesses from their hearts, removed (cured) the blindness of the eyes.

7. My father (Mohammad (S.A.W.) ) stood up with (his) guidance among the people. And saved them from perversion and aberration, and turned their blindness into enlightenment and guided them towards the firm religion. And called (invited) them to the straight way.

8. You the servants of Allah, are the ones to maintain God’s injunctions and prohibitions, and the carriers of God’s religion, and God’s revelations, and the trustees of Allah upon your souls, and the propagators of His religion among the other nations.

9. Oh the servants of Allah! (beware) the real leader from Allah, is present among you and the commitment has previously been made to you and the remaining and left over of the prophet hood has been appointed for your guidance.

That is the speaking book of Allah the truthful Quran, and a beaming and gleaming light, in which all the secrets and facts about the completion of man and his prosperity have been exhibited and illuminated. It guides from darkness towards light of guidance. It s followers are the subject of envoy of others.

10. The book of Allah is the guide of it’s followers towards the pleasure of Allah. Listening (carefully) to it leads to the salvation. The enlightened and conspicous evidences and proofs of Allah can be obtained through it. And (also the knowledge) of His interpreted intentions and fear invoking constraining prohibitions. His sufficing testimonies and conspicous arguments, and desired virtues and allowed endowments and gifts and obligatory divine laws. (can be obtained from it)

11. Allah made the faith for you as a purity from polytheism (and infidelity).

12. And (made) service the cause of your getting distant (purification) from pride (egoism).

Salutations to Hazrat Fatima (A.S.)

Peace be upon you, Oh daughter of the Messenger of Allah !

Peace be upon you, Oh daughter of the possessor of outstanding merit

above all Prophets and messengers and angels !

Peace be upon you, Oh Leader of the Women of the Worlds.

Peace be upon you, Oh Wife of the Vicegrent of Allah !

Peace be upon you, Oh mother of Hassan and Hussein, the Leaders of the Youth of Paradise !

Peace be upon you, Oh most truthful and martyr.

Peace be upon you, who was pleased to resign to the will of Allah and Allah was pleased with you.

Peace be upon you, Oh possessor of outstanding merit of above others, and the pure.

Peace be upon you, who is holy and guarded herself against sins !

Peace be upon you, who is knowledgeable and an authority on traditions of the Prophet.

Peace be upon you, who was subjected to anger and oppression.

Peace be upon you, Oh Fatima, daughter of the Messenger of Allah, and May Allah have mercy on you and bless you.