Arab-Israel Pact to be finalised ‘soon’: Former PM Qatar


Shafaqna Pakistan:Qatar’s former Prime Minister Hamad bin Jassim Al Thani has said on Twitter a non-aggression agreement might be signed between Arab countries and Israel as a next step to the “peace plan” the U.S. announced for the Middle East, known as the “Deal of the Century”.

The statements came Sunday on bin Jassim’s Twitter account: “… the next step of the deal of the century will be followed by a non-aggression agreement between Israel and the Gulf Cooperation Council countries in addition to Egypt, Jordan and possibly Morocco.”

Bin Jassim didn’t clarify the source of his information.

Only Egypt and Jordan of the Arab states have diplomatic ties with Israel which occupies the Arab lands since 1967.

“These countries aim, via these promises [steps], to come closer to the U.S., although they know that the deal will be opposed by the majority in the Arab League,” he added.

By majority, the Arab states rejected the U.S. “peace plan” during the foreign ministerial-level meeting held in Egypt last week, citing the plan “doesn’t achieve the minimum rights of the Palestinian people”.

U.S. President Donald Trump announced his so-called “deal of the century” on Jan. 28 which refers to Jerusalem as “Israel’s undivided capital” and recognizes Israeli sovereignty over large parts of the West Bank.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said late on Saturday that his country has begun drawing up maps of parts of the occupied West Bank in accordance with Trump’s so-called peace plan.