US and Saudi Arabia use Coronavirus for political gains, Allama Javad says


Shafaqna Pakistan:US and Saudi Arabia use Coronavirus for political gains, Allama Javad says.

Allama Syed Javad Naqvi leads Tehreek Baidari Ummat Mustafa or Islamic Awakening Movement and also runs an Islamic university.

The Islamic philosopher cited three important countries had blamed United States for spread of Coronavirus.

He said that China, Russia and Iran on record held US administration/military responsible for Coronavirus outbreak.

US and Saudi Arabia use Coronavirus
He noted that Coronavirus reported in 11o countries with no unusual huge losses but media hype over it terrorized the entire world.

Allama Javad also referred to media censor over Coronavirus related actual details in United States. He said that they were hiding facts.

He said it seems that US administration itself wants to harm American by this virus. He said that none has died of this virus in Germany but they are predicting deaths of 35 percent to 50% people.

Allama Javad said that deaths due to Coronavirus remain less than deaths which US bombings in wars on Afghanistan and Iraq had brought.

He alerted that US-led bloc was plotting to announce big decisions on the pretext of Coronavirus.

However, he reminded the world that China has overcome the outbreak while Iran has also successfully minimized its fallout.

That shows these countries are capable to overcome the threat, he said.

He also referred to extraordinary measures which Saudi Kingdom adopted in Qatif and elsewhere on the pretext of Coronavirus.