Shafaqna Exclusive: Is Presidential system only option left for Imran Khan?


Once again Pakistan is abuzz with the talks of Presidential system.  Some months ago, the same debate regarding the implementation of the presidential system circulated when Imran Khan raised voice against the parliamentary system. He was critical of the parliamentary system since he felt impediment while imposing his sole decisions in the country.

It is apparent that Imran Khan is not comfortable working within the confines of the parliamentary system. He has been voicing his frustration at various forums. While it has also been learnt that Imran Khan has decided to dissolve assemblies by the end of 2020.

In a recent meeting with his cabinet he warned ministers that they have only six months to show the performance otherwise matters will go in haywire. He clearly told his crew that we could not fulfill the promise of change and there is frustration among the masses. I am no more in romance with office of Prime Minister if we fail to deliver.

Apart from this establishment has been under severe pressure from the masses and from within for the failure of Imran Khan as public believes that Khan enjoys unconditional support of the Establishment. Thus the voices within has also raised many questions on the performance of PTI’s Government. In such a scenario the pressure is mounting on Imran Khan who is unable to do anything in the presence of incompetent cabinet.

Apart from this the infighting and differences among the ministers as underscored by the Fawad Ch are also badly hindering performance of PTI. Most of the minister are part of Mafia infact. Jehangir Tareen has been named in Sugar crisis while Nadeem Babar’s name is also floating on media screens for oil crisis. While public’s anger on the performance of PTI is rising day by day.

Apart from this the current position that the PTI has in Parliament is frustrating its leadership. With only a simple majority in Parliament, PTI’s belligerent attitude towards the opposition and inability to compromise has caused it to be unable to make any decent legislation in the last eight months.

In such a circumstance Imran Khan believes that the only solution to address the country’s financial, political and social woes is to adopt a presidential system wherein the role of parliamentarians should be restricted to legislation only.

On the other hand “The present government has failed to deliver so far. Not a single bill has been passed. The opposition parties are trying to protect themselves, they have totally ignored the public’s miseries. Whereas the ruling party is utilising all its energies to counter the opposition parties. No one is thinking about the people of this country.

In such a situation presidential system may help PTI to save his skin but it would not be an easy to amend the constitution again.


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