Shafaqna Analysis: Can PTI’s Government run Pakistan for another three years?


Shafaqna Pakistan: Three major political parties of Pakistan (PMLN, PPP, and PTI) claim that no one can better run a country other than themselves. Before elections, they all make promises for the sake of votes.

From improving the overall economy of the country to the promise of offering 10 million jobs. From reformation of tax administration to an increase in tourism, PTI has gained much attention due to these claims. In a country where youth percentage is 64%, young people are excited to be employed.

But soon when PTI got into power, they realized the situation practically and deep know they also knew that all of the claims which they have talked about can’t be fulfilled. When PTI came into power back in 2018, no doubt the financial situation is very disastrous.

Even knowing that before the elections they promised they’ll not ask IMF for loans. But the Latest figures of State Bank of Pakistan show that Pakistan’s total debt and liabilities which were Rs 29,879 billion on 30th June 2018 reached Rs41,489 billion on 30th September 2019. This increase in 15 months, which includes a little over 13 months of PTI government, is 38.8%.

PTI has faced many challenges since they came into power.Many incidents like Faizabad dharna to train accidents results in a panicamongst the people. Recently the petrol price hike was enough to create doubts on the leadership. Common man thinks PTI has lost to ‘mafia’.

So after all these facts question arises whether PTI will remain in power for another three years to complete the tenure or the situation goes otherwise. Democracy in Pakistan Pakistan is the sixth most populous country in the world, created on the basis of thepopular will of the people in 1947 with the vision of having a liberal, moderate and democratic parliamentary federation. But unfortunately the majority of the governmentshaven’t completed the tenure.

The country has a parliamentary system in which members  are elected on the votes of common people. Then those members will vote up for the prime minister. We see from 1988 when Benazir Bhutto first came into power, she was dismissed just after 2 years of her victory in elections. Then turn after turn Nawaz Sharif and Bhutto came into power but haven’t completed their tenure. That is the misfortune of democracy you see.

Despite the political crisis, Pakistan’s civil-military relations are better than previous
regimes. Every party who came into power in Pakistan faces backlash and hatred. So it  doesn’t matter what PTI faces right now, as long as the establishment is with PTI, the opposition can’t take over the government.

Besides wrong decisions, PTI has held upcorruption which was very high during previous tenures of governments. Also, tax collection is better than before. We also see the foreign office and military lies on the same page which is good for Pakistan.


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