Shafaqna politics: Has Imran Khan mentally conceded for minus one formula? 


Shafana Pakistan: After Imran Khan’s speech at National Assembly and denial of  of media advisor Shahbaz Gill about minus one formula has raised many eye brows that either Imran han has mentally accepted this scheme and planning to implant a new Prime Minister while staying at back seat and play the game?

Meanwhile all the political parties including PPP, PML-N and even PML-Q has demanded to replace Imran Khan from a face within the party. After this debate was strengthen among opposition benches, Imran Khan himself confessed that those who are talking about minus one are looking for some relief and even he gets minus from the office they will not be able to get relief which shows that he is mentally prepared for the scheme.

Imran Khan even said that life and death is in hands of Allah and the context of this sentence against shows that if he is replaced by any source or any way, his party will not give relief to PML-N and PPP.

Meanwhile opposition parties have played a key shot in the budget. Opposition parties had plan that PTI may get a minor edge of numbers for budget’s passing so that they may pressurize Govt for a no confidence vote but PTI succeeded in getting double vote as compared to previous year thus opposition’s strategy has backfired.

However, Opposition has played another poly and it has started spreading on social media that establishment is looking to replace Imran khan because he has failed to deliver and Imran Khan’s party and media team get trapped in the social media propaganda of Opposition and therefore he fall trap to opposition.

However in conclusion, after such a pressure from the social media and Opposition, Imran Khan is now mentally accepting the fact that he could be replaced with some other face within the party.