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Air superiority: Will Russia provide SU-35 to Pakistan against India?

 It's finally jet, set and go for the IAF after an agonising wait of 16 years since it first demanded new multi-role fighters. India and France on Friday inked a 7.87 billion euro deal for 36 Rafale fighters, which with their state of the art 150-km range Meteor air-to-air missiles will have a clear combat edge over Pakistan's F-16 jets.India will get the first Rafale in three years, with all 36 touching down by early-2022. Till then, in the event of a conflict, India will have to deploy two Sukhoi-30MKIs to tackle each Pakistani F-16 due to the latter's superior weapons package, including ...
  6 hours ago

FATA at cross roads: Why merging Fata is not a sane idea?

Tribal elders from Khyber Agency have categorically rejected the merger of Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) into Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) and demanded the constitution ...
  11 hours ago

Attack on Aid workers: Truce hopes buried in Syrian rubble

 A fresh airstrike in northern Syria killed four medics belonging to an international aid agency, the relief group said Wednesday. The airstrike, said to have occurred ...
  1 days ago

An underdeveloped Generation: A saddest reality prevailing in Pakistan society

 Pakistan is among top three countries for stunting –low height for age – with 43.7 per cent of the children under the age of five facing acute physical disorder ...
  2 days ago

UNGA face- of: India’s diplomatic win over Pakistan

 India ripped into Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif's speech to the UN General Assembly on Wednesday calling him out for glorifying the 22-year old Hizbul Mujahideen ...
  2 days ago

Bahamas leaks: Pakistan, a heaven for tax evaders

 After the names of 259 Pakistanis with links to offshore companies surfaced in one of the world’s biggest-ever data called the Panama Papers in May, another cache of leaked documents emerged on Wednesday carrying the names of 150 Pakistanis who own companies in the Bahamas, a constellation of over 700 islands. Like the previous papers, numerous Pakistani owners and beneficiaries of offshore companies in tax havens have come to light, but in contrast to the frenzied response to the Panama papers, the Bahamas have barely created a ripple.  Finance minister Ishaq Dar has quietly directed ...
  16 hours ago

On the bottom: Pakistan's failed targets

 The first sustainable development goals’ rankings are in, and out of 188 countries, Pakistan is a whopping 149th. In what has become a matter of public humiliation, Pakistan has failed every target relating to improving education, women’s rights, healthcare and ...
  12 hours ago

Politics and development: Dividing Pakistan for political scoring

  The provinces of Sindh and Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, which are run by two major opposition parties, have held back their support for the federal government’s three-year development package called Wazeer-e-Azam Qaumi Taraqiati Programme 2016-18, considering it a ...
  1 days ago

Speech at UN: Why doesn’t world trust in Pakistan’s words?

 The promise to speak at UNG for Kashmir has been fulfilled by Nawaz Sharif. In his address he said that over a hundred individuals have lost their lives while several hundred more have been injured and blinded by the pellets shot at both adults and children. He further ...
  3 days ago

Another folly: Altaf Hussain on self-destructive mode

 Amid scepticism about the authenticity of an audio clip posted on the social media on Friday exactly a month after the incendiary speech of London-based Muttahida Qaumi Movement supremo Altaf Hussain, MQM lawmakers were asked to tender mass resignations and seek a fresh mandate though the recording failed to get any serious response from the parliamentarians who say they no longer recognise him as their leader. The response to the London chapter’s urging will establish how strongly Altaf Hussain still rules at least the MQM lawmakers. It will also prove Dr Farooq Sattar-led MQM Pakistan’s ...
  15 hours ago

Austerity measures: An election stunt of Punjab Government

Taking austerity measures, the Punjab government banned air travel of ministers and officers, both domestic and international, on government expenses, The Nation has learnt.A circular in this respect has been issued by the expenditure wing of the provincial finance department.Official ...
  6 hours ago

Dangerous deficit: Why Pakistan economy can’t be stable?

 Current account deficit widened to $591 million in July 2016, more than double from $234 million in the same month of last fiscal year, the central bank data showed on Friday. The deficit during the first month of the current fiscal year of 2016/17 posted a year-on-year ...
  12 hours ago

Looting the education: Mega corruption in Education program goes unchecked

  An official audit has unearthed embezzlement worth billions of rupees in the federal government’s Basic Education Commu­nity Schools (BECS) programme. According to the audit brief laid before the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) by the office of the auditor ...
  1 days ago

EXCLUSIVE: The REAL Syria Civil Defence Expose Nato’s ‘White Helmets’ as Terrorist-Linked Imposters

24th Zilhajj, Eid al-Mubahila: Revealing the exalted status of the Ahlul Bayt (AS)

No Justice for the victims of 9/11 – Obama chooses political alliances over America’s natural rights

PML-N leader Hakeem Baloch meets Bilawal Bhutto, joins PPP

The Event of Ghadir: A Call to Islamic Unity

Martyrdom anniversary of Maytham al-Tammar (RA); the Orator of Ahlul Bayt (AS)

Pakistan’s Dr Sania Nishtar running for WHO top job

PM Sharif slams India for jumping to conclusion on Uri attack

Sheltering Brahumdagh will make India 'official sponsor of terrorism': Asif

“Indifferent to Yemen’s Misery,” Senate Approves Massive Saudi Arms Deal

Bahamas Leaks: 150 Pakistanis own offshore firms

Govt fined Rs.25,000 in judges appointment case

You cannot pass today: Life through a dividing wall – EXCLUSIVE


Is Facebook’s Deleting Anti-Israeli Accounts, Posts kind of Apartheid?

Where has America gone to with its friendships? Courting Gulf monarchies and theocracies

Nigeria: Allow detained IMN leader access to medical treatment immediately

400 Bahraini Shia students in prison with launch of academic year

Nawaz arrives in New York to address UN General Assembly

Pakistan Army rejects Indian allegations after Uri attack

The Formal Declaration Of Imamat (Leadership) Of Imam Ali (A.S) At Ghadir Khumm

The Splitting of the Moon

Muslims are most disliked group in America, says new study

5 Reasons Why US Establishes Military Bases in West Asia

Blogger & Medical Scientist Creates “Hijarbie” Doll To Foster Positive Awareness For Muslim Girls

‘Allah’ in the words of Imam Ali al-Hadi (AS)

Voices of Yemen – “Truth is power,” says Yemeni analyst

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