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Startling revelations: A tacit agreement between Israel and Abu Dhabti

  Four Israeli navy corvettes are under construction in a shipyard owned by Lebanese and Abu Dhabi-based companies, although officials insist that no classified information about the warships is at risk.     According to Yedioth, Abu Dhabi MAR, a major ship builder in the Persian Gulf, operates the docks where the vessels are being assembled. The company is owned by Lebanese Iskandar Safa, who has a 30% stake via his Privinvest shipbuilding group based in Beruit; the remaining 70% is owned by Al Ain International Group, from Abu Dhabi. Abu Dhabi, which serves as the capital ...
  11 hours ago

Israel’s new settlements: How US and UN are fooling the world?

  The UN has voiced strong concerns after Israeli lawmakers gave the green light to a bill which would legalize West Bank settlements. While Washington voiced “deep ...
  4 hours ago

Shafaqna Special: The deal to disqualify Nawaz Sharif

  Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s counsel expressed inability to submit complete documentary record on the money trail through which the ruling Sharif family had acquired ...
  1 days ago

Major Air Crashes in the History of Pakistan

  A PIA flight enroute to Islamabad crashed today reportedly due to 'engine problems'. The ATR was reported carrying more than 40 passengers, including singer-cum-evangelist ...
  2 days ago

Afraid of Census:  Would census disrupt PML-N’s plan to rig next election?

 It is now 18 years since the last census in 1998 and much has changed in the national demographic since that time. The longer the census is delayed the greater and more ...
  2 days ago

Friendly ties: Would Putin-Trump agree on Syrian solution?

  Russian President Vladimir Putin has said he is “ready to cooperate” with Donald Trump's administration as he struck an unusually conciliatory tone in his annual state of the nation address.     The two Presidents have made more than one favourable remark for the other – President Putin called his new American counterpart a ‘clever man’ on December 4 and President-elect Trump often extended the olive branch to President Putin on the campaign trail.   Russia and the US continue to be engaged on opposite ends of various conflicts across the globe, with ...
  11 hours ago

Saudi war crimes: UK daily demands Govt to halt arms supply to Saudia

  A UK daily has demanded its Govt to stop selling arms to Saudi Arabia which are being used against killing of Yemenis.   Riyadh is carrying out extensive air strikes to drive back Houthis as leader of the US- and UK-backed coalition supporting president Abed ...
  4 hours ago

In search of Alternate: Is Baghdadi dead?

All senior leaders of Islamic State (ISIS) reportedly must gather in Iraq in order to choose a potential successor for the organization's current leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.   Varying reports from Iraq and Syria suggest that Islamic State “caliph” Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi ...
  23 hours ago

Allama Raja Nasir rebuttal on HOA: India and Afghanistan behind terrorist attacks in Pakistan

  Secretary General of MWM Allama Raja Nasir Hussain has rebuffed the Indian and Afghanistan accusations of terrorism against Pakistan. He said that these accusations are baseless and hilarious.   Hitting out at Ashraf Ghani he said that before pointing fingers ...
  1 days ago

ISIS defeat: US retreat from Iraq on the cards

Trump’s nominee for secretary of defense called the 2003 invasion of Iraq a mistake. Mattis said, “we will probably look back on the invasion of Iraq as a mistake — as a strategic mistake.”   Mattis was one of the Iraq campaign’s most important ground commanders. He led the 1st Marine Division during the invasion and later oversaw the bloody retaking of Fallujah from insurgents in 2004.     Mattis was not among the six retired generals who went on the record in 2007 to criticize Donald Rumsfeld’s management of the war. Trump himself has criticized the Iraq invasion, ...
  11 hours ago

Moscow Taliban ties:  Russia to be game changer in Afghanistan

Afghan and American officials are increasingly worried that any deepening of ties between Russia and Taliban militants fighting to topple the government in Kabul could complicate an already precarious security situation.     A series of recent meetings they ...
  1 minutes ago

Germany to ban Hijab: West launches war against Islamic Culture:

  German Chancellor Angela Merkel has said that the full veil is not suitable and should be banned wherever possible, it doesn’t belong here. Merkel said she would support a nationwide prohibition on Islamic veils covering the face. The German interior minister ...
  23 hours ago

Out of voter list: The discriminated Pakistani women 

    The Free and Fair Election Network (FAFEN) called upon the relevant government authorities to pace up efforts to register as many as 11.67 million women before the general elections who are missing from the electoral rolls. At a consultation attended by ...
  3 days ago

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Syrian Grand Mufti Lauds Tehran, Moscow for Supporting Damascus

Surviving Fascism – Poland and Lithuania commemorate their struggle together in Podbrodzie

Common ground: Muslims, Christians hope to keep dialogue going

9th National Mourning Ceremony – The second international film and photo competition for “Kind Muharram”

Social Media and Its Impact on Pakistan’s Tourism Industry

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Change of Command and Fears Surrounding Karachi Operation

Donald Trump commends PM Sharif, Pakistanis

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