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Meeting of two terrorists: Why is US silent on Indian terrorism inside Pakistan?

US President Donald Trump and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi embraced each other as friends and partners Monday, vowing to work more closely on combating terrorism, the war on Afghanistan and defence cooperation. The two leaders called on Pakistan to ensure that its territory is not used to launch terrorist attacks on other countries, a statement from the White House said. At this occasion, the US State Department imposed sanctions Monday on Syed Salahuddin, the senior leader of the Kashmiri group Hizb-ul-Mujahideen. The move means the United States now considers Salahuddin, also known ...
  14 hours ago

Was the Panama JIT hijacked before its constitution?

  The Panama Joint Investigation Team (JIT)'s work has exposed its own reality as its recent report shared with the SC shows that someone has started work for the ...
  2 days ago

Pakistan marks grim Eid after heavy death toll in oil tanker inferno, Parachinar and Quetta blast

Pakistan began Eid in mourning Monday as the death toll in an oil tanker explosion rose to 153, with scores injured after they were caught in a fireball while scooping ...
  2 days ago

Rise of a war monger: Why Pakistan would be more under pressure by new crown prince?

  Pakistan’s policy regarding the Saudi led Islamic Military Alliance (IMA) remains ambivalent. The Prime Minister agreed to join the alliance which excluded Shia ...
  4 days ago

Downing the drone: What caused the trust deficit between Pakistan and Iran?

The relationship between Pakistan and Iran has been tense in the near past. Iran’s army chief recently warned that Tehran would strike militant safe haven inside Pakistan ─ ...
  4 days ago

US fighting Israel’s proxy war against Iran

  In September 2015, former US vice-president Joe Biden told his Jewish audience at Ahavath Achim synagogue in Atlanta: “The only thing that would satisfy (US-Iran nuclear) deal opponents including Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, is “a regime change” that could only come with US power.”   On July 7, 2015, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, former White House adviser under Nixon administration, in a post on his blog wrote that the nuclear weapons fabrication has always been a cloak for Washington’s real intention, which is to bring a (pro-USrael) regime change to Iran, whether ...
  9 hours ago

Chernobyl nuclear power plant hit by 'Petya' ransomware attack causing havoc across the globe

The Chernobyl nuclear power plant is among the sites hit by a new and highly virulent outbreak of malicious data-scrambling software causing mass disruption across the globe. Some computers at the plant - which is still in the process of being decommissioned after a ...
  18 hours ago

Pakistan to celebrate Eid ul Fitr on Monday

KARACHI: Monday, June 26, is the first day of Eid al Fitr in Pakistan as the crescent of Shawwal has been sighted in many parts of Punjab and Sindh, officials said. "Shawwal’s crescent has been sighted in Lahore, Faisalabad, Multan, Dera Ghazi Khan, Badin, Pakpattan, ...
  3 days ago

Another confession of Yadav: Has Pakistan failed to convince world about Indian terrorism?

  The ISPR on Thursday released another video recording of convicted Indian spy Kulbhushan Jadhav in which he gave further information about his subversive activities in Pakistan.       It is a welcome opportunity for an establishment that has ...
  4 days ago

Why Saudi Arabia hates Al Jazeera so much

If you want to understand why many Arab world leaders hate Al Jazeera, consider Sharia and Life. For years, the call-in show was one of the network’s most popular, reaching tens of millions. Viewers would call in and pose their faith questions to Yusuf al-Qaradawi, an Egyptian cleric and a spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood. People would ask all kinds of things: Is it okay to smoke during Ramazan? Does a female Palestinian woman have to wear a hijab while carrying out a suicide bombing? Before Al Jazeera, a show like this would have been unusual in the Arab world, where media is ...
  14 hours ago

Crown Prince of UAE asked Americans to bomb Al Jazeera headquarters Wikileaks reveals

The Crown Prince of the UAE Mohamed bin Zayed Al-Nahyan asked the Americans to bomb the headquarters of Al Jazeera during the US war on Afghanistan, revealed yesterday. According to the document bin Zayed spoke about a meeting between his father and the former ...
  9 hours ago

US May Be Preparing for 'Preemptive Strike' on Syria Amid Chemical Weapons Claim

Earlier in the day, the White House claimed that Washington had identified "potential preparations" for a chemical attack by Syrian President Bashar Assad’s forces. The Kremlin commented on the claims and said that it considers US' threats against Syrian legitimate ...
  13 hours ago

Kashmir’s Mirwaiz thanks Iran’s Ayotallah Khamenei for rallying behind Kashmir struggle

Syed Ayatollah Imam Khamenei on Monday called the cause of Palestine a major issue of the Islamic world and also urged Muslims to support the “people of Bahrain, Kashmir and Yemen”.   Hurriyat (M) chief Mirwaiz Umar Farooq on Tuesday thanked the supreme leader ...
  18 hours ago

MEHR NEWS | How bizarre Saudi Arabia is behaving!

TEHRAN, Jun. 28 (MNA) – What did happen in the politics that in less than a day many Arab countries in a region including Saudi, UAE, Bahrain, Egypt, who were once close allies to Qatar, cut their diplomatic ties and closed their air, land and sea to a country? I have been to Qatar three times; not for a trip as I was visiting my parents in their home, so I can say that I lived in Qatar for more than three months. Qatar is a very small but rich country in west of Asia with only elven thousand kilometres area and almost fifty years of history. The Guardian has reported the Qatar as the richest ...
  8 hours ago

ALWAGHT | Saudi-Led Arab Regimes Issue Qatar with 13 Demands to End Blockade

Four Arab regimes demanded on Friday that Qatar downgrades ties with Iran, halt military cooperation with Turkey and shut the Al Jazeera TV channel as conditions to end a blockade on the Persian Gulf state. According to media reports, the list of conditions Qatar needs ...
  5 days ago

MEHR NEWS | Iran missile attacks killed over 170 terrorists in Deir Ezzor

TEHRAN, Jun. 22 (MNA) – Over 170 Takfiri terrorists were killed in IRGC missile strikes on ISIL commander bases and arms facilities in Deir Ezzor in retaliation for the June 7 attacks in Tehran, Iran Revolutionary Guard said in a statement. Islamic Revolutionary Guard ...
  6 days ago

IQNA | Fighting Zionist Regime Is Fighting Arrogance, Hegemonic Order

In a meeting with hundreds of university professors, academics, researchers, elites on Wednesday evening, which lasted over two hours, the Leader elaborated on the unrivalled role of university professors in raising students and giving shape to the standing of Iran ...
  6 days ago

SUCH TV | Imran Khan criticizes Prime Minister Sharif over not meeting Quetta, Parachinar mourners

AL ALAM | Trump Causes 'Major' Shift in Global View of US: Pew

PRESS TV | Fresh US-led strikes leave 30 dead in eastern Syrian village

PRESS TV | Saudi king relieves Nayef as crown prince

AMN | Is Europe pursuing an independent foreign policy direction?

Houthis attack targets inside Saudi Arabia

AMN : BREAKING: Israeli warplane bombs Syrian army in Quneitra

Islamic Center of England Awards Winners of Quran Contest

ABNA | Ayatollah Fezel Lankarani: Al Saud's crimes in Yemen like Israel's in Palestine

MEHR NEWS | Iran strongly slams imminent attack on Mecca Grand Mosque

SHIITENEWS | Allama Raja Nasir announces 3-day mourning on Parachinar tragedy

US-Led Airstrikes Killed 472 Civilians in Syria in the Past Month

SHABESTAN | Charity gives life to this world and hereafter

TAGHRIB NEWS | Iran, world countries mark Quds Day with rallies

TASHIM NEWS | Iranian Speaker Brands Israel as Mother of Terrorism

PRESS TV | Daesh blows up Mosul’s iconic al-Nuri Mosque

IRFAN | A sinner can not claim…

ISLAMQUEST | What is the principle of no domination over Muslims?

IMAMREZA.NET | The Great Crisis of our Age

ALWAGHT | Palace Coup in Saudi Arabia as King Sacks Crown Prince Nayef, Appoints Son, Bin Salman

ALMANAR | Qatar Hires Former US Attorney General to Face Terrorism Charges

ALMASDAR | VIDEO: Russian airstrikes pound ISIS in east Hama

IQNA | Blind Malaysian Muslims Memorising Quran Using Braille

Daesh media accuses US-led forces of using white phosphorous in Raqqa

IQNA | He Memorized the Holy Quran in Just Six Months

ALALAM | Qatar says keen to have ‘positive’ Iran ties amid row with neighbours

MEHR | Flights crossing Iran’s airspace up by 17%

UAE in dire need of Qatar gas to keep Dubai lit up: Report

UAE document reveals plan to control Tunisia

ALMASDAR | Yemen: Sanaa district devastated in Saudi-led coalition airstrike

PRESS TV | Daesh bombings claim 40 civilian lives in central Iraq

ISLAM TIMES | Iran Attacks: ‘Saudi Wahhabi Ideology is Main Culprit’

SUCH TV | India is damaging peace of entire region: Foreign Office

IQNA | Terrorists to Bite the Dust

PRESS TV | Iran releases information on, photos of terrorists in Tehran attack

MEHR NEWS | 'Saudi desire to rule over region will never come true'

Amnesty Intl. calls on Saudi Arabia to free rights activist ‘immediately’

ISLAMTIMES | Israeli War Minister Sees Opportunity in Qatar’s Isolation

ALQAGHT | Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bahrain, UAE Sever Diplomatic Ties with Qatar

ALWAGHT | Syrian Situation Improving, Wahhabi Terrorists Retreating: President Assad

SHABESTAN | Imam Khomeini (RA) defeated global colonialism

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