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License to kill: Why the Govt is silent on Shia killing in Kurram agency?

  Within the last four months a third horrendous attack targeting the Shia community has taken place in Kurram Agency. At least 14 people including five women and four children died when their minibus collided against an anti-tank mine that had been buried on the road side.   It has been reported in some sections of the media that the landmine attack was claimed by Jamaat-ul-Ahrar (JA) — a splinter group of the Tehreek-i-Taliban — and by the Islamic State group. What is clear is that this attack is retaliation against the state for the operations it is carrying out against the militants.     Terrorist ...
  10 hours ago

Daesh Afghanistan leader likely killed: Pentagon

US and Afghan troops likely killed the leader of Daesh’s Afghanistan affiliate in a raid this week, the Pentagon said Friday. US officials also said they have opened ...
  15 hours ago

Tariq Fatemi removed from post by PM following inquiry into Dawn story

The Prime Minister's Office on Saturday issued directives to remove Syed Tariq Fatemi, special assistant to the prime minister on foreign affairs, from his post for his ...
  1 days ago

UAE-Saudi Arabia cooperation to strengthen Al-Qaeda and ISIS

The Egyption Elbadil news has recently revealed a document showing that Mohammad bin Salman the Saudi Arabia’s Deputy Crown prince and his UAE counterpart Mohammed bin ...
  2 days ago

Trump complains Saudis not paying fair share for US defense

President Donald Trump complained on Thursday that US ally Saudi Arabia was not treating the United States fairly and Washington was losing a “tremendous amount of money” ...
  2 days ago

A tacit message: Would Nawaz Sharif pardon Kulbhoshan?

    Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif found himself caught in another storm on Thursday, this time over a furtive huddle with an Indian steel magnate which is being labelled as back-channel diplomacy.     An Indian delegation led by Sajjan Jindal – a close friend of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi – met Premier Nawaz at his private residence in Murree on Wednesday, away from the media glare.     Although nothing has officially been shared about the context of this meeting, it is believed it was part of back-channel diplomacy to arrange a meeting between ...
  3 hours ago

Smokers' corner: Curbing the mullah

In his 2003 book Uncensored, former general manager of PTV, Burhanuddin Hasan wrote that after coming to power in July 1977, one ‘advice’ which Gen Zia issued to PTV was that TV plays (and films) should always depict clerics in a positive light. The advice had been ...
  6 hours ago

US Defense Of Saudi, Defense Of Terrorism: Former US Diplomat

  The United States security umbrella for Saudi Arabia amounts to defense of terrorism by Washington, suggests a former US diplomat in the Middle Eastern country. Michael Springmann made the comments in an interview with Press TV this week, while commenting on ...
  12 hours ago

Politics or business? The message of Indian steel tycoon Sajjan Jindal

A three-member entrepreneurs delegation from India, headed by steel tycoon Sajjan Jindal, had a meeting with Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in Murree on Wednesday. It is understood that the meeting was sought by the Indian delegation supposed to play a role for reduction ...
  2 days ago

Assad Had The Upper Hand So Why Would He Gas His Own People?

On March 30, US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said that the future leader of Syria should be determined by the people of Syria. This major policy statement by the US took regime change off the table, and was obviously great news for Bashar al-Assad. Combined with Syrian military gains on the ground, Assad was in the strongest position he'd been in since the war in Syria began. So, why 5 days later would he gas his own people? But even without a thorough investigation, and less than 72 hours after the alleged chemical attack took place, American political leaders and establishment ...
  12 hours ago

Israel forgives Daesh for attack following ‘apology’

Israel has decided to “absorb” an unintended attack by Daesh after the terrorist group “apologised” for it, former Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon told reporters on Wednesday. Expanding on comments made last week on the effectiveness of Israel’s “red ...
  15 hours ago

Islamic State kills senior Afghan Taliban official in Pakistan: militants

The militant Islamic State (IS) group killed a senior Afghan Taliban official in Peshawar, the Afghan militants said on Saturday, in a rare clash between the rival Islamist groups inside Pakistan. Afghan Taliban sources told Reuters Maulvi Daud was killed on the outskirts ...
  1 days ago

Israeli minister: ISIS are under our command

A former Israeli Defense Minister has admitted that Israel has such complete and utter control over ISIS that they pose no risk to the country.   According to former defense minister Moshe Ya’alon, ISIS militants apologized on at least one occasion after they mistakenly ...
  3 days ago

Al-Qaeda ready to join forces with Saudi-led groups to fight in Yemen: Al-Raymi

After Kulbhoshan and Uzair Baloch, now Ehsanullah Ehsan

North Korea ballistic missile test fails: South, US

At least 8 Iran guards dead in clash with Jaish al-adl terrorists on Pakistan border

India blocks social media in occupied Kashmir

Five Takfiri terrorists from LeJ killed in hours-long Karachi shootout with Rangers

North Korea says ready to strike US aircraft carrier

Mob attacks man in Chitral accused of making 'blasphemous remarks'

Iran bans live election debates

Two Wahabi clerics under investigation over lynching of student

North Korea readies for war? Is Kim Jong mulling nuclear option?

Suspect confesses he acted upon university admin’s directions against Mashal

Sindh Police attack on Shias commemorating birthday of Imam Ali (A.S), ledge F.I.R

One killed, three Takfiri terrorists apprehended in Lahore combing operation

Mardan university student lynched by mob over alleged blasphemy: police

Six people killed, dozens injured during protests in India-held Kashmir

Da’ish Peshawar network dismantled, 24 arrested

Raheel Sharif will not hurt Iran's interests: Nasser Janjua

Why performing Salaat on time is so important?

Why mainstreaming Takfiri-Jihadist organizations?

Extremist ideologies promoted by Riyadh root of terrorism

Can Kuwait help in bridging  difference between Iran and Saudia?

Pak-India water talks resume today

American Muslim teens learn to disarm Islamophobia

The Denationalization of American Muslims

Western Muslims and the future of Islam in West

Elected committee of Muslims should protect Islam’s holy sites

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